About Us

BMW doesn’t make cars. It builds Ultimate Driving Machines. Machines that combine cutting-edge innovation, aesthetics, and dynamism to constantly reinvent the ultimate driving experience. 

But a person shouldn’t only experience this when they drive away in a BMW. Their ultimate BMW experience should begin the moment they step into our dealership. 

At Winger BMW, we’re not just a place for buying and selling BMWs. We provide visitors with an immersive brand experience everything we do creates emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills that lets them experience BMW with all of their senses. 

From our helpful BMW geniuses, high-tech and personalised retail environment to our unparalleled customer service, we open up the innovative world of BMW to all who want to explore it, feel it, love it, drive it. 


With over 80 years of experience across New Zealand, Winger BMW will bring a whole new level of service to your ultimate driving experience.